Detail-oriented Software Engineer delivering UX /UI design and content development across the entertainment, hospitality, and education industries. Specialized in translating client vision into actionable suggestions, UX roadmaps, and a unique user-journey that grows brands and recognition. Experienced front end developer collaborating with stakeholders and design teams to create a tailored customer journey to lead users through improved experiences and deep understanding of the brand.

Languages, Frameworks, Skills ...
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.JS, Next.JS, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Ruby, RESTful API, Headless CMS, others


Web Developer/Software Engineer

Contract, FORM VS CONTENT Studio (2018 - present)
Worked closely with clients to design user friendly solutions for their online presentations and content distributions, while leveraging the latest software engineering tools.

  • Communicate and liaise with client facing teams and decision makers, delivering UX/UI design, content development and content writing to enhance brand voice.
  • Created marketing website with CMS to increase exposure via online presence by developing concept and design of web application to distribute and sell merchandise, integrated into third-party online store.
  • Designed an interactive music education learning and development application modeled on movable do solfège; incorporated training and testing methods for upskilling end-users, project leveraged HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies to develop engaging and accessible user experience
  • Identified opportunity to leverage Art Institute of Chicago public API to create a responsive image gallery for 3 different browsers by extracting image data and centralizing access.

Performer, Composer and Educator

Music, Multiple Brands and Events, (2002 - 2018)
Toured internationally and performed major music festivals, collaborating with production companies and brands.

  • Worked as session musician and composed music for film
  • Taught masterclasses and workshops to lead aspiring professionals through fundamentals, advanced training, and continuing education topics.
  • Developed and composed several educational materials for publishing outlets and book formats.

Facilities Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Charged with overseeing full project scope of work, defining maintenance, modification, and repair protocols for instrument control systems components.

  • Maintained workflows across the entire process, managed issue and project log to communicate status with the supervisor.
  • Managed testing process communication with other team members for timed and seamless delivery, focused on strong customer focus and build effective relationships with cross-functional teams.


Software Engineering Immersive
BM - Performance/Composition
Associate's degree equivalent

Other interests

Blogging, Photography, Music
Fluent in:  English, German, Bosnian (Croatian, Serbian)