Detail-oriented Web Developer delivering user friendly and robust front end applications across the Fintech, E-commerce, entertainment, hospitality, and education industries. Specialized in translating client vision into actionable suggestions, UX roadmaps, and a unique user-journey that grows brands and recognition. Experienced in collaborating with stakeholders, product designers, large and small engineering teams to create a tailored customer journey to lead users through improved experiences and deep understanding of the brand.

Languages, Frameworks, Skills ...

HTML5, Liquid, CSS (Sass, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS), Jest, JavaScript, React, Next.JS, Express, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RESTful API, Headless CMS...


Front End Engineer

Full time, Renofi - Fintech (2021 - 2023)

Worked as a part of the product team of thirty plus members divided into multiple work streams.

  • Built and maintained the company's internal and client facing applications
  • Maintained static homepage/blog
  • Worked on A/B testing implementations with the growth team

Front End/Shopify Developer

Contract, Softlimit - E-commerce Experts (2021)

Worked closely with a team of developers, designers and project managers to address client needs.

  • Created, enhanced and maintained custom Shopify Plus themes with strong emphasis on performance optimization.
  • Integrated third party solutions with the existing themes.
  • Translated designs for email marketing campaigns into styled HTML email templates.

Web Developer

Contract, Kworq - Creative Agency (2021)

Collaborated with developers and designers to build agencies’ homepage and enhance clients’ Shopify themes.

  • Translated Figma designs into Web Apps.
  • Integrated and customized third party apps for the existing Shopify themes.

Web Developer

Contract, FORM VS CONTENT Studio (2018 - 2021)

Worked closely with clients to design user friendly solutions for their online presentations and content distributions, while leveraging the latest software engineering tools.

  • Communicate and liaise with client facing teams and decision makers, delivering UX/UI design, content development and content writing to enhance brand voice.
  • Designed an interactive music education learning and development application modeled on movable do solfège; incorporated training and testing methods for upskilling end-users, project leveraged HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies to develop engaging and accessible user experience


Software Engineering Immersive
BM - Performance/Composition
Associate's degree equivalent

Other interests

Blogging, Photography, Music
Fluent in:  English, German, Bosnian (Croatian, Serbian)