I made my first website in 1998..

when people would engage in “surfing” the wild west that the Internet once was. When content was at the forefront, never spoon-fed to us and we were let (allowed?) to discover it on our own. Yes, I do feel nostalgic about those times. But I am also very excited about where we are today. It’s a great time to develop software for the web.

Be it as a one-man shop or working together with a large engineering team, throughout the years I helped many place their unique ideas into this digital space. In 2018 I started FormVsContent, a place where I can share my projects, experiment, and ponder.

  • Currently favored tools: Typescript, Next.js, Styled-Components, React Testing Library, Prismic CMS, PostgreSQL.

  • Frequently used tools: Javascript, CSS, HTML, React, Jest, Django, Python, Hugo, Gatsby, Tailwind, Sass, Webpack, Parcel, Git, Github.


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Somewhat random facts in, somewhat, chronological order:

  • First time I heard of Computer Science was in 6th grade. They called it Informatika and it was a part of an after school program. Typed the first commands into Basic and watched my teacher write in Pascal.

  • The first computer I ever laid my hands on: Commodore 64

  • The first computer I ever called my own: Atari 1040st

  • After graduating from the Electrotechnical Vocational school in former Yugoslavia, on a track to study to become an Electrical engineer, life took some unexpected turns and I found myself enrolling on a scholarship in the undergraduate program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

  • Started to make websites while in college.

  • After getting my Music Degree, as I worked in music full time, I continued to dabble in Web Development.

  • Discovered the classic CS text Structure And Interpretation of Computer Programs. With a strong background in music, I felt like a musician even when I wrote software. Ever since I implemented my first algorithm and watched the several lines of code in their little recursive dance, programming has reflected a lot of meaning for me, kind of like music.

  • Completed Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly, NY during the lockdown in 2020.

Other Areas of Interest

  • I like photography. In particular works of Garry Winogrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Josef Koudelka, Alex Webb, and many others.

  • I like writing music and I perform with my band on most weekends. Sometimes I like to write music education materials like this one.